Mission Hill Little League

Jason Bennett & the Resistance, as well as Jason’s former band, Suspect Device, have been supporting Boston’s Mission Hill Little League for over 15 years by throwing annual benefit shows with the help of friends including The Pug Uglies, The Blue Bloods, Mark Lind, Pete Cassani, Burning Streets, The Art Thieves, Nick Bacon & the Adversaries, Josh Ayola, Live Nude Girls,  and many more who are no less important, but require checking back at old posters to remember them all – needless to say, everyone on the scene has been super-generous!

JB&tR sponsor two teams who have been very successful – the older kids have even made it to The Mayor’s Cup Playoffs for about 4 years running (and won twice). Moving forward, we’ll build up this page with more information about the club.

MH Resistance